Published : April 8, 2024

Best Cardiology Hospitals in Nagpur

Nagpur, a bustling city in India, is also known for its excellent healthcare facilities in Maharashtra, especially in the field of cardiology. With several hospitals offering top-notch cardiac care, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Thus, we are going to explore the best cardiology hospital in Nagpur and offer insights into selecting the most suitable one for your needs.

When it comes to the health of your heart there should be no compromise. Thus, getting the right treatment from the right specialists is important. Let’s explore the list of top hospitals in Nagpur.

Top Cardiology Hospitals in Nagpur

While our focus is primarily on cardiology hospitals in Nagpur, it is important to acknowledge the excellence of hospitals across India. These hospitals provide life-saving treatments and deserve recognition for their dedication to medical excellence.

If you are looking for a treatment related to heart issues then you can refer to the list.

Here is the list of Top 5 Hospitals in Nagpur:

Hrudayam Heart & Woman Care Clinic

Hrudayam Heart & Woman Care Clinic by Dr Chetan Rathi, is one of the leading specialised and advanced centres. They offer personalised and inclusive care for the entire range of Heart specialities. Further, they also collaborate with a team of experts and offer the best medical solutions.

If you are considering getting treatment at Hrudayam Heart & Woman Care Clinic, then you can refer to the details below:

Cardiology Hospital : Hrudayam Heart & Woman Care Clinic
Address : A Wing, 2nd Floor, Neeti Gaurav Complex, Central Bazar Road, Next to Hotel Center Point, Ramdaspeth Nagpur – 440010.
Best Cardiology Doctor : Dr Chetan Rathi
Cardiology Cost : Treatment costs may vary. Connect with a health consultant to find out more.
Service offered : Coronary Angiography, Coronary Angioplasty, Holter Monitoring, BP Monitoring, Radiofrequency Ablation, Pacemaker Implantation, and Balloon Mitral.
Chat with us : 09028669543, 09324297855

Platina Heart Hospital

Platina Heart Hospital offers the latest medical technology and has the best facilities with resilient infrastructure. The hospital maintains international standards of quality and hygiene.

They have a team of talented cardiologists, such as Dr Pramod Mundra, Dr Chetan Rathi, and many other well-known health professionals.

If you are looking to get treatment at Platina Heart Hospital, then you can refer to the information below:

Cardiology Hospital : Platina Heart Hospital
Address : Near Hotel Hardeo, Sitabuldi, Nagpur – 440012
Best Cardiology Doctor : Dr Chetan Rathi, Dr Sumedh Ramteke
Cardiology Cost : The price may vary depending upon the treatment, to know more get in touch with the health consultant.
Service offered : Cardiac care, health check-ups, physiotherapy, and patient awareness.
Chat with us : +91-976-770-3032

Zenith Hospital Amravati

Zenith Hospital Amravati is also well known for its world-class treatment and its dynamic team of health experts. If you are considering Zenith Hospital Amravati for your heart-related issues, check the details below:

Cardiology Hospital : Zenith Hospital Amravati
Address : Walcut compound, opposite Khatri complex, Amravati – 444601
Best Cardiology Doctor : Dr Niraj P. Raghani
Cardiology Cost : The cost of treatment may vary. To learn more, reach out to a health consultant.
Service offered : Cardiac care, dermatology, neurology and orthopaedic.
Chat with us : 0721-2569590

Shalinitai Meghe Hospital

Shalinitai Meghe Hospital is dedicated to offering excellent healthcare and valuable medical services. They have a team of expert cardiologists who can cater to all your heart-related issues.

Check the information below, if you are thinking of getting treatment from the hospital:

Cardiology Hospital : Shalinitai Meghe Hospital
Address : YCCE Campus, Wanadongri Hingnaa Road, Nagpur – 411100
Cardiology Cost : Treatment costs are subject to change. Contact a health consultant for further details.
Service offered : Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Medical Gastroenterology, and Physiotherapy.
Chat with us : 0712-3521213

Nelson Hospital Nagpur

Nelson Hospital Nagpur offers a wide range of treatment and their dynamic team of cardiologists will cater to all your heart-related problems. Check the information below if you are looking to get treatment from the hospital:

Cardiology Hospital : Nelson Hospital Nagpur
Address : Plot No. 32, Behind Hitavada Press, Dhantoli, Nagpur – 440012
Best Cardiology Doctor : Dr Sachin Kuthe. Dr Pramod Ambatkar
Cardiology Cost : Treatment costs may vary. Connect with a health consultant to find out more.
Service offered : Cardiac care, cardiac surgery, gynaecology, day care surgery, and pediatric and neonatology
Chat with us : 7507701177

Steps to Choose the Best Hospital for Cardiology in India

Choosing the right hospital is a critical decision. It involves careful consideration of several crucial factors which ensure the best possible care for your heart health.

Check the accreditations
Make sure that you check the accreditation from reputable organisations. These hospitals adhere to high-quality standards. Further, it ensures that they have a higher level of care and patient safety. When you check the accreditation make sure that you check the hospital’s founders, and establishment.

With the help of this step, you can make an informed decision. As we know our heart health is paramount and choosing the hospital that offers quality will contribute to our overall well-being.

Modular Operation Theatres
When you make this important decision, check the hospital’s infrastructure. Particularly check the availability of modular operation theatres equipped with advanced technology. Checking this facility is essential. If the hospital has good infrastructure and facilities it helps conduct complex cardiac procedures safely and efficiently.

Team of Experts
Remember to evaluate the expertise of the medical team. Check for the hospitals with a multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, nurses, cardiac surgeons, and health technicians. In addition, check for the internal infrastructure, years of experience of the doctors, and success rate.

Further, a collaborative approach ensures comprehensive care and better treatment outcomes for patients.

Benefits of the Best Hospital in Nagpur for Cardiology

Opting for the best heart specialist hospital in Nagpur, for cardiology offers several benefits. It contributes to superior patient care and treatment outcomes. Let’s look into the benefits of the best hospital in Nagpur for cardiology:

1. The hospitals are equipped with medical technology.
2. They have a team of experts such as doctors, surgeons, and health technicians.
3. They prioritize personalized care and have better treatment plans.
4. The hospital addresses patient’s unique medical concerns and promotes faster recovery and rehabilitation.


These hospitals have state-of-the-art infrastructure which is equipped with advanced technology. It includes medical tools and machinery. Further, the surgical equipment facilitates accuracy in diagnosis and precise treatment delivery. Make sure to refer to the steps we discussed for choosing a cardiology hospital in Nagpur.

FAQ’s of Top Cardiology Hospitals in Nagpur

Which hospital is best for cardiology in Nagpur?

Platina Heart Hospital is widely regarded as one of the best cardiology hospitals in Nagpur, known for its advanced facilities and skilled medical team.

Which hospital is best for a heart patient?

Hrudayam Heart & Woman Care Clinic is recommended for heart patients due to its comprehensive cardiac care services and patient-centric approach.

Which surgery is best for heart blockage?

Coronary angioplasty and stenting are commonly performed procedures to treat heart blockages effectively.

Who is the best doctor of heart in Nagpur?

Several skilled heart doctors practice in Nagpur, however, you can have the full-time availability of Dr Chetan Rathi. You can consult your heart-related problems and get the best treatment.